Paradoc group is proud to launch its emergency services division to add to its events and training services and protection services.

We now are able to provide complete event solutions for companies, whereby we are able to provide basic, intermediate and advanced life support paramedics, doctors, nurses and ambulances for events.

The ambulance service will be registered as an advanced life support service, and will be able to transfer cardiac cases, neonatal cases IOD, RAF, and poly-trauma cases as well as the standard emergency call outs. The ambulance service will also be used for transfer of patients from home to hospital, hospital to home, inter hospital transfers, inter-facility transfers, frail care  to home ,home to frail care, long distance transfers.

We currently have one ambulance and a response vehicle,and we  plan to expand out fleet with the addition of a second ambulance.

The services will be targeting the Eastern Cape, Kwazulu Natal, but will shortly expand into Gauteng in the near future, and ultimately we plan to operate nationally.